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To reproduce the renowned quality of the nitro express cartridges, painstaking care has
been taken to duplicate the original loads.  Modern powder has been blended and tested
with a wide range of boxer primers to obtain both the correct internal and external
ballistics.  This work has been meticulously conducted in conjunction with the Proof House,
and all new Kynoch ammunition carries Birmingham Proof House CIP approval.  This
approval conforms with the specifications of the original loadings as proofed in
Birmingham.  Load development was conducted simultaneously with extensive testing at
the firing range.  The new Kynoch loads have been test fired in back to back comparison
with the original IMI produced Kynoch ammunition of the 1960's.

The choice of bullets for these loads has been the subject of extensive testing for both the
external and terminal ballistic performance.  Additional accommodations were made for
dimensional variations from published nominal standards in the bore and rifling which can
frequently occur in older rifles.  Kynoch ammunition is now standardized on Woodleigh
Weldcore Soft-nose and Solid bullets.  Woodleigh bullets are recognized world wide as the
most reliable big game bullets currently manufactured.